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MOU signed to provide computer training to financially backward students and unemployed with Academy of Computer Training

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MOU Signed to provide free stay for tribal girls at The Guardian Hostel For Girls

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MOU signed to provide self employment with Beauty and wellness Corner

Seeking Donation for Building Construction in progress for working women /widows.

Seeking donation for Building Construction in progress for working women /widows.


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Skill Training 27-07-2019

Report on  Skill training on Detergent making by Temsurenla Ao, Joint Secretary

Dated: 27th July 2019                                                                Venue : Grace Colony, Kuda C’ Khel, Dimapur

Resource Persons- Mrs. Lanukala & Mrs. Moakala

                                (   Medemren & Self creative concept  SHG , Indisen Village, Dimapur)

The skill training program was conducted at Grace colony, Kuda C khel, Nagarjan, Dimapur with total participates of 20 women on Detergent powder and liquid detergent. The resource person were Mrs. Lanukala and Mrs. Moakala from Indisen Village, Dimapur who has trained various women groups on this particular skills as they believe in sharing the knowledge and motivate to uplift an individual to become self sustainable.  The detergent making can also be home based enterprise giving high revenue as it involves lower investment, less time consumption and  either working individually or in groups. As per the market analysis, there is demand of the products as it has positive response and feed backs from the customers.  

The program was initiated to support this woman who comes from low income families and motivate them to learn some skills which will help to generate income and become sustainable through this kind of income generating activities and contribute to their families becoming self sustainable.  The society will continuously support and motivate these individuals or groups to start the home based enterprises and further link them with market visibility.

The Rural Advancement society initiates to provide various skills training activities and detergent making being one of the activities to support and uplift our communities. The Society vigorously involves in promoting sustainable income generating activities to uplift poverty and educating our communities to create a eco system for sustainable livelihood.